About WOMOlife

Wool Industry Training

WOMOlife stands for Work wise, Move wise and at its core is the philosophy work wise, move wise for a longer, more sustainable career.

WOMOlife co-creators Laura Hancock and Alister Shennan began the journey to create WOMOlife early in 2019, bringing together two visions combining movement and performance enhancement and a new model for the delivery of vocational training in New Zealand.

Laura has many years of experience in rural industries as an educator and movement coach. Alister, who was the GM at the Primary ITO responsible for customers and field delivery, has a background in media and marketing,and has developed advanced online digital solutions for a range of industries with a focus on improving the experience for the customer.

While NZ was in a Covid-19 lockdown they developed the structure for presenting learning content online. Celia Jaspers, Country Calendar’s internationally recognised producer and director was enlisted to create a new take on training videos. Using highly credible presenters Nathan “Stratty” Stratford, Carmen Smith and Jeremy Goodger an extensive library of high quality wool harvesting online content was created.

Online training is supported by practical training days in the wool shed with WOMOlife accredited trainers. The combination of online learning and wool shed training can deliver consistent quality industry training that is accessible and affordable for employers and employees.

In another industry first WOMOlife is offering a warrant of movement to evaluate movement patterns and identify warning signs of injury risk. And a warrant of fitness to improve the understanding of the nutritional, health and wellbeing requirements when working in the wool harvesting industry.

The result is a new model to deliver industry training in the agricultural sector. Courses for wool handling, shearing, wool pressing and shed hands will be rolled out this year.

WOMOlife will continue to add to its offering with new courses engaging schools and new entrants through to in-shed master classes.

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