A Life in Wool

Thinking about a career in the Wool Harvesting industry and starting from scratch?
Want to upgrade your skills?
Are you a contractor with staff needing a refresh in training?

We offer FULLY FUNDED training in shearing, crutching, wool handling, penning, pressing and more.

A life in wool starts here!

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga
Fill the basket of knowledge

Courses 2022

WOMOlife offers comprehensive beginner’s courses in 2022 for schools and those new to industry (age 16+). WOMOlife’s expert trainers offer FULLY-FUNDED 4-day intensive stay-out courses in penning, crutching, wool handling, pressing and shearing – looking at all the roles in the wool shed, along with learnings on how to eat and move well, and how to be money wise; how to read a payslip, and why you should save money.

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Meanwhile, if you are an individual interested in other WOMOlife courses, apply below.

With support from Kaiaka WITNZ and NZSCA

Stay-out model:

Fully-funded training includes:

a WOMOlife online course specific to shed hands, wool handling, crutching, intro to shearing (videos, supporting pdfs and quizzes)

a Tahi Ngātahi online health and safety certificate

a residential practical course in a wool shed (3-day course spread over 4 days), which includes:-

  • practical training in-shed
  • move wise – how to move well with wool shed warm ups and cool downs
  • eat wise – learning about nutrition. Catering provided each day to fuel the body for work in the shed
  • money wise – how to read a payslip, how to budget and how to save
  • think wise – listening and communication for your mental wellbeing
  • accommodation and food
  • Travel costs are not included – trainees need to get themselves to and from a residential course.

WOMOlife Courses:

Beginner’s intensive course
Beginner Shearing
Beginner Wool Handling
Upskill in Shearing
Upskill in Wool Handling

All courses comprise a series of bite-size training online videos for easy viewing and reference, filmed using experts in their field, so shed hands, shearers, and wool handlers can learn from the best. Once enrolled, trainees have access to the online videos at any time to check whether how and what they’re doing is correct.

Online training is supported by 3-day practical residential training in the wool shed (spread over 4 days) with our WOMOlife accredited trainers. Time on the stand is a crucial part of all our courses, but we also talk about work wise skills, such as managing money (what a contract means, understanding a pay slip), how to move well and eat well for performance.

Follow-up training will take place with webinars and updates once a trainee has successfully completed the residential course.

For beginner shearing and wool handling courses, a trainee MUST complete the online content (including Tahi Ngātahi), before attending the residential course.

Beginner’s intensive course for schools and new to industry

Who should apply?
If you have no experience or are new to the industry and you’d like a career in the wool shed, this course is for you.

Secure your place on a WOMOlife intensive beginner’s course and experience all parts of the job – penning, pressing, crutching and wool handling.

Contractors are looking for seasonal staff, or for school holidays, and there are job opportunities available once you’ve completed the course.

Beginner Shearing
& Wool Handling Courses

Who should apply?
If you are already working in the wool shed, or have experience farming, this course is for you.

If you are keen to change direction on the farm, or want a different role in the shed, a beginner’s course offers training in shearing or wool handling.

Contractors are looking for staff and there are job opportunities available once you’ve completed the course.

Upskill Shearing and Wool Handling Courses

If you are a shearing contractor, you can put forward your staff for an upskill course

Please note that while WOMOlife’s pilot programme is focussed on Gisborne/Hawkes Bay and Otago/Southland regions, industry training is required nationwide. If you are interested in applying for a fully-funded upcoming upskill course either inside or outside of these regions please apply here.

Individuals keen to attend an upskill course, ask your contractor to put you forward, or email your details to contact@womolife.co.nz

About WOMOlife

WOMOlife stands for Work wise, Move wise and at its core is the philosophy work wise, move wise for a longer, more sustainable career.

WOMOlife’s Laura Hancock and Alister Shennan began the journey to create WOMOlife early in 2019, bringing together two visions combining movement and performance enhancement and a new model for the delivery of vocational training in New Zealand.

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About Kaiaka WITNZ

It’s been a tough year for wool, but finally there’s good news – the creation of a new pilot training programme and up to 150 jobs in shearing.

The new training arm, Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ, will initially include two pilot schemes in the Tairāwhiti/Hawke’s Bay and Otago/Southland areas, where it will also establish centres of excellence for expert training in shearing and wool handling.

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